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Work Permits for Scotland

First Permit Limited is one of the few specialist immigration advisers active in Scotland. Although the immigration rules and procedures for Scotland are broadly the same as for the rest of the UK, there are differences and changes are to be made to make the system different to the rest of the UK.

The Scottish Executive (which is the devolved government for Scotland) has identified that Scotland is likely to suffer a greater loss of skilled workers in the next few years as a result of the anticipated decline in population and an increase in the age profile of the population.

The Scottish Executive has launched a Fresh Talent initiative to encourage skilled individuals from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad to come to work and live in Scotland.

Extended Stay for All Overseas Scottish Students after Graduation without Need for a Separate Immigration Clearance

work permits for graduates of Scottish Universities

The First Minister in a statement to the Scottish Parliament on 25 February 2004 announced that, from summer 2005, all overseas students who graduate from Scottish Universities will be able to stay in Scotland for an additional two years after graduation without requiring a work permit or similar clearance.

Contact us if you require further information on the rules related to Work Permits for Scotland.

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