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Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (the HSMP) has been compared to the US green card. Although this comparison is not really appropriate, the Highly Skilled Migrant clearance is potentially for many overseas nationals the best and most flexible clearance to obtain if coming to work in the UK.

HSMP provides a clearance for skilled individuals who have skills and experience required by the UK to compete in the global economy.

Unlike a work permit where the employer applies, it is the individual who makes the application.An application can be made either when the individual is outside the UK or within the UK provided the applicant is here other than as a visitor.

The HSMP provides for an applicant to score points by reference to a number of different categories

• Educational Qualifications
• Work Experience
• Past Earnings
• Achievement in your chosen field
• HSMP Priority Applications for General Practitioners
• Partner’s achievements

In addition, there is a separate young person assessment for under 28 year olds which lessens the required work experience and past earnings to score points. An applicant needs to score at lest 65 points in total but does not need to score in each category.

In addition, to scoring 65 points or more the applicant must also show that they will be able to continue their career in the UK.

Highly Skilled Migrant review – we provide an initial free screening service for HSMP applicants. Please send your CV to us with all such additional information as you consider relevant. We will provide an initial review of your potential to qualify under the HSMP. If you subsequently wish to engage us to assist in preparing and submitting an application we will provide you with an estimate of costs before proceeding.


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